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RCC Cookbook

Leek and Potato Soup

Submitted by Susan Kalt, language professor

Based on a recipe from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest by Mollie Katzen.

This is a favorite that I am making often! I throw in any leftover veggies or veggies on the verge of going bad. I experiment with different seasonings and spices. Sometimes I add frozen peas for more protein!



  • 3 fist sized potatoes peeled and cut in 1 inch chunks.
  • 1 carrot in same size chunks
  • 3 leeks or onions, same size chunks
  • Some vegetable bouillon (1 cube or a teaspoon)
  • Two cups of water
  • One cup of milk or yoghurt
  • A couple of tablespoons of butter or olive oil


1.  Chop the leeks or onions in small chunks and brown in butter or oil in bottom of large pot for 5 minutes

2,  Add the potatoes and carrots and cook for about 5 minutes

3.  Add two cups water and bouillon and bring to a boil

4.  Simmer on low heat for about half an hour.  Increase amount of water if needed. Remember you will also be adding milk or yoghurt.

5.  When the potatoes are soft, puree the mixture and add a cup of milk or yoghurt

6.  Warm slightly if serving the soup hot. Garnish with some dried herbs or grab something from your garden like chives   If you serve this cold, you can call it Vichyssoise.