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Virtual Book Display

Wait, I can write a paper about that?

This month's display highlights academic books and films that examine popular culture through a critical lens.

Streaming Videos

Time Warp Part I – Midnight Madness

From "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" to "The Big Lebowski" and everything inbetween, this fascinating deep-dive documentary begins its celebration of the greatest cult movies of all-time discussing the birth of the midnight movie.


Sex In The Comix: The History of Erotic Content in Sequential Art

A revealing journey into the heart of erotic comic strips, SEX IN THE COMIX examines the colorful history of a unique and risque art form. With New York comic artist and burlesque performer Molly Crabapple as our guide, this documentary navigates the history of the art form, from special editions by masters of the genre to provocative new works from a young generation of artists.


GTFO: Get the F**k Out: Women in Gaming

Sparked by a public display of sexual harassment in 2012, GTFO pries open the video game world to explore a 20 billion dollar industry that is riddled with discrimination and misogyny. Although half of all gamers are women, females are disproportionately subject to harassment and abuse from other gamers, and are massively under-represented in the video game design world.


Nas: Time Is Illmatic: The Making of a Groundbreaking Hip Hop Album

The story behind Nas's groundbreaking 1994 debut album 'Illmatic,' and the early life of one of the most talented rappers of all time. Featuring interviews with Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Q-Tip, and Busta Rhymes.


A Brony Tale: Exploring an Unusual Fandom

Canadian voice-over artist, Ashleigh Ball, has been the voice of numerous cartoon characters. However, when she was hired as the voice of Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash on the 4th generation installment of Hasbro's 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' series, she had no idea she was about to become an internet phenomenon and voice celebrity among a very unique type of fan, the Bronies.