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Domestic Violence

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Full length and segment videos from:

Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America

Kim, a Duluth, MN mother of three, is at the center of this compelling and authoritative exploration of gender violence in America. As Kim and her fragile daughters take up residence in a domestic violence shelter, we follow the harrowing struggles in a single-parenting survivor's quest to find work, housing and peace of mind.

Domestic Violence and Health Care

How can doctors, nurses and hospitals do more to stop gender violence in America? An inside look at the highly regarded domestic violence programs at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. Doctors and nurses in the ER, the mother-baby unit, pre-op and the sexual assault forensics unit share candid observations about domestic violence prevention and offer specific, practical suggestions.

Behind Closed Doors: Children Who Witness Domestic Violence

This video addresses the impact that witnessing domestic violence has on the developing brain of infants and children and demonstrates the effect on their behaviour and relationships and the long term consequences for their future.

Domestic Violence And Elder Abuse

Domestic violence and abuse of the elderly can happen anywhere in big cities, small towns and the suburbs. It is a shameful problem, but unfortunately not a unique or new problem. Includes guidelines specific to healthcare.

Group Treatment of Situational Domestic Violence for Lower-Income Couples

Current meta-analysis by Julia Babcock shows that same-sex group treatment for domestic violence is ineffective. Couples treatment is illegal in many states. We will present the results (and methods) for treating only situational (not characterological) domestic violence that shows high effectiveness with lasting effects after 18 months. Treatment utilizes Gottman-method curriculum with 21 sessions of couples group work.