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Spring 2021 OER Textbooks

Biology I

Course:  SCI 103 01

Course Name:  Biology I

Course:  SCI 103 C2

Course Name:  Biology I Co-req

Biology II

Course:  SCI 104 02

               SCI 104 08

               SCI 104 AA

Course Name:  Biology II


Course:  SCI 106 01

Course Name:  Nutrition

Course:  SCI 106 11

               SCI 106 AA

Course Name:  Nutrition

General Chemistry

Course:  SCI 121 AA

Course Name:  General Chemistry I

Principles of Chemistry II

Course:  SCI 124 33

Course Name:  Principles of Chemistry II

Principles of Physics II

Course:  SCI 144 11

Course Name:  Principles of Physics II

Anatomy and Physiology I

Course:  SCI 201 21

               SCI 201 AA

Course Name:  Anatomy and Physiology I

Anatomy & Physiology II

Course:  SCI 202 21

Course Name:  Anatomy and Physiology II

Organic Chemistry II

Course:  SCI 252 01

Course Name:  Organic Chemistry II