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ENG 101: English Composition I - Gray

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Professor Rhonda Gray


Roxbury Community College

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Totsaporn Intarabumrung
1234 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA 02120-3400
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Image from Beyonce's Formation Music Video

Beyonce's Formation Music Video



These ebooks discuss Beyonce in relation to music and culture.


Popular and scholarly articles critiquing Beyonce's "Formation" video:

"Beyonce -- Formation." Critical Media Project,

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McFadden, Syreeta. "Beyoncé's Formation Reclaims Black America's Narrative from the Margins." The Guardian, 8 Feb. 2016,

Beyonce and Feminism

For a general biography of Beyonce, see this encyclopedia entry:

"Beyoncé." Newsmakers, vol. 3, Gale, 2009. Gale In Context: Biography,

In 2019, the journal Popular Music and Society dedicated an entire issue to examining Beyoncé's societal impact. Browse the articles in this issue by clicking here.

Popular articles debating Beyonce's approach to feminism:

Rankine, Claudia. "Claudia Rankine on How Beyoncé Became an Icon." Harper's Bazaar, 3 Sept. 2021,

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