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Available Online Textbooks

Humanities OER Textbooks

Introduction to Music

  Course Name: Introduction to Music

Course:  HUM 100


Religion in the Contemporary World

   Course Name: Religion in the Contemporary World

Course:  HUM 120

Introduction to Philosophy

  Course Name: Introduction to Philosophy

Course:  HUM 130


Human Conduct and Values

  Course Name: Human Conduct and Values

Course:  HUM 131

Introduction to Humanities

  Course Name: Introduction to Humanities

Course:  HUM 132

Art History and Appreciation I

Course Name: Art History and Appreciation I

Course:  HUM 161

African Art

Course Name: African Art

Course: Hum 173 D1

With Tereza Swanda

History of Theater

Course Name: History of Theater

Course:  HUM 240


Piano Keyboard I

Course Name: Piano Keyboard I

Course: Hum 105 05

              Hum 105 E1

Instructor:  Joo Park