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Plagiarism and Citations

Plagiarism and its Consequences

Plagiarism can have consequences, even if you didn't mean to plagiarize. Consequences can include a failing grade on an assignment or a course, or even suspension or expulsion from a college. It is never worth it to plagiarize.

Instead, take advantage of the resources listed below for avoiding plagiarism.

Online Resources

Using the RCC Catalog's Cite Tool

Did you know that the RCC Library catalog will create citations for you as you search for resources?

When you choose a resource from your search result list, you'll see a list of tools on the right side of the page. Using these you can email an article to yourself, save it to your Google Drive, or get the citation in APA, MLA, or Chicago Style. Click the button that says "Cite."

Illustration of finding a citation on the RCC library website.


You'll see a list of citations organized alphabetically by style. Scroll through the list until you see the citation style required by your professor. Copy and paste the citation into an email draft or a document on your Google Drive. 

Illustration of finding a citation on the RCC website.