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SCI 281 Research Science - Kimberly Stieglitz

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Roots of Tea

What is the source of the nearly 1,500 different types of tea in the world? How did tea spread from Japan to Europe? What are the differences between green, black, and white teas? How was the tea bag accidentally invented? Is drinking tea good for your health? Get the answers in this lecture.

All in this Tea

This film follows world-renowned tea expert David Lee Hoffman to remote regions of China in search of the best handmade teas in existence. As a tea importer, Hoffman's obsession with this ancient beverage led him from "insipid tea bags in America" to far-flung tea regions in Asia. In the process, he discovered the rarity of good, handmade tea, especially in China, where the ancient craft of making tea has been giving way to mass production. Tea-making secrets have been handed down through generations of tea makers over thousands of years. In this, his first digitally shot film, Les Blank takes his famous fly-on-the-wall approach. The film moves from modern, urban settings to a pastoral China rarely glimpsed by westerners. Scenes shot in cinema veriteare interwoven with more formal presentations about the fundamentals of tea.