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SCI 133: Environmental Science - Ghaemghami

Providing information of environmental science, issues and opportunities in the environmental industry. Topics: ecological principles, sustainability, ecosystems, biodiversity, human population and its impact, pollution, and governmental regulations, envi

Streaming Videos

Full length and segment videos from:

Trashed with Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem, as he travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution. This is a meticulous, brave investigative journey that takes Irons (and us) from skepticism to sorrow and from horror to hope.

The Water Issues

While some regions of the world enjoy an abundance of water, one billion people live in areas struggling with drought and drinking water contamination. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to face a water shortage. This episode profiles water purification and conservation projects throughout the world, which aim to reduce the environmental and economic threats of a future where water is a scarce commodity.