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ENG 101: English Composition I - Tangvik

Question One

True or False: You need an RCC barcode to check out books from the Library
True: 116 votes (95.08%)
False: 6 votes (4.92%)
Total Votes: 122

Question Two

How are the books arranged on the shelf at the RCC library?
Author: 21 votes (18.1%)
Title: 24 votes (20.69%)
Subject: 71 votes (61.21%)
Color: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 116

Question Three

True or False: With an RCC Library barcode, you can order books from any branch of the Boston Public Library and have them sent to you at RCC?
True: 108 votes (93.91%)
False: 7 votes (6.09%)
Total Votes: 115

Question Four

True of False: The library's E-books are available to students off campus
True: 90 votes (80.36%)
False: 22 votes (19.64%)
Total Votes: 112

Question Five

If you do not know which type of database to look in for your research, where is the best place to start?
General Database: 100 votes (87.72%)
Career Database: 2 votes (1.75%)
Literature Database: 12 votes (10.53%)
Science Database: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 114

Question Six

A good way to narrow results from a database is to:
Limit to full text: 12 votes (10.53%)
Add more search terms: 11 votes (9.65%)
Narrow down the date of the results: 6 votes (5.26%)
All of the above: 85 votes (74.56%)
Total Votes: 114

Question Seven

True or False: You can email articles to yourself from most RCC databases
True: 108 votes (99.08%)
False: 1 votes (0.92%)
Total Votes: 109

Question Eight

How many copies of the New Jim Crow (shown below) are available to be checked out?
0: 50 votes (45.87%)
1: 12 votes (11.01%)
6: 24 votes (22.02%)
24: 23 votes (21.1%)
Total Votes: 109