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CJP 210: Correctional Institutions - Wan-N'Tani

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Mothers of Bedford: Women in Prison

Women are the fastest-growing U.S. prison population today. Eighty percent are mothers of school-age children. Jenifer McShane's absorbing documentary gives human dimensions to these rarely reported statistics, taking us inside Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison north of New York City.

The Released: The Cyclical Incarceration of Ex-Cons with Mental Illnesses

A rare and intimate look into the lives of mentally ill offenders struggling to make it on the outside. This year alone, hundreds of thousands of prisoners with serious mental illnesses will be released into communities across America. Within 18 months, nearly two-thirds will be re-arrested.

THE RELEASED is an intimate look at the lives of the seriously mentally ill as they struggle to remain free.