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Brown v. Board of Education

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Brown Vs Board Of Education

Part of the Series: Supreme Court Decisions That Changed The Nation. The unanimous overruling of Plessy v. Ferguson, declaring segregation in public schools unconstitutional.

The Road To Brown

THE ROAD TO BROWN tells the story of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling as the culmination of a brilliant legal assault on segregation that launched the Civil Rights movement. It is also a moving and long overdue tribute to a visionary but little known black lawyer, Charles Hamilton Houston, "the man who killed Jim Crow." THE ROAD TO BROWN plunges us into the nightmare world of Jim Crow that robbed former slaves of the rights granted by the 14th and 15th Amendments.

Teach Us All: Segregation and Education in the United States

Sixty years after the Little Rock Nine faced mobs of racially charged hatred and became cornerstones of the Civil Rights movement, TEACH US ALL examines how the present day United States education system fails to live up to that promise of desegregation as it slides back into a re-segregation of its modern schools.

On The Line: Where Sacrifice Begins: Boston’s Longest Running Voluntary School Desegregation Program

When you think of busing in Boston, chances are it's about a dark episode in the city's history that sparks images of violence, intolerance, and racial tension. And while most of the historical spotlight has been on forced busing to desegregate the city's schools and its legacy, there's another Boston busing story that is lesser known.

Official Selection at the Roxbury International Film Festival

Separate and Unequal

Sixty years after the Supreme Court declared separate schools for black and white children unconstitutional, school segregation is making a comeback. What’s behind the growing racial divide in American schools — and what’s the legacy of Brown v. Board of Education? In part two, Omarina's Story, FRONTLINE revisits a student who made the most of her "middle school moment".