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ACS 102 The College Experience

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Totsaporn Intarabumrung
1234 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA 02120-3400

Fall 2023 Library Hours

On Campus and Virtual Hours


The library will be open both in-person and virtually:

Mon. - Thur. 8:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Fri. 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Sat. 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM



You can find the services we offer at a distance via Zoom, Teams, and other internet-based methods on our remote services page.

Evening class instruction is available by request. To see if the RCC Library is closed on school holidays and semester breaks, please consult the Library Calendar.

Contact Us


or via text at 857-877-2255

1234 Columbus Avenue
Building 3, Room 211
Boston, MA 02120

Welcome to the Research Guide for the College Experience class!

As part of this course, you will be introduced to the library and learn how library resources and services can help you be a better student. You will take part in one of these two activities:

1. Library Orientation Tutorial (Online):   

Choose your course by the instructor and the section below for completing the library orientation tutorial! 

Fall 2023

ACS 102.03 by an instructor, Barbara Roach, Click HERE.

ACS 102.04 by an instructor, Seth Jameson, Click HERE

ACS 102.09 by an instructor, Barbara Roach, Click HERE

ACS 102.10 by an instructor, Valerie Saucer, click HERE.

ACS 102.11 by an instructor, Kevin Aylmer, click HERE.

ACS 102.AA by an instructor, Valerie Saucer, click HERE.

ACS 102.AB by an instructor, Loretta Minor, Click HERE. 

ACS 102.AC by an instructor, Antonia Sheel, click HERE.

ACS 102.AD by an instructor, Jeff Van Dreason, click HERE.

ACS 102.LC1, LC2, and LC3 by an Instructor, Jennie Thrash, Click HERE

ACS 102.E2 by an instructor, Una DeChellis, click HERE.

ACS 102.E3 by an instructor, Loretta Minor, click HERE.

ACS 102.E4 by an instructor, Anna Bondarenko, click HERE.

ACS 102.E5 by an instructor, MyTien Huynh, click HERE.

ACS 102.E7 by an instructor, Jacquolyn Payne-Thompson, click HERE.

ACS 102.S1 by an instructor, Andrew Black, click HERE.

ACS 102.S2 by an instructor, Jacquolyn Payne-Thompson, click HERE. 


2. Library Instruction Session (On-campus): Later in the semester, you will come with your class to the library for more in-depth instruction on how to find quality information whether in paper or online sources.