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Your Inner Fish

Your Inner Fish reveals a startling truth: Hidden within the human body is a story of life on Earth. This scientific adventure story takes viewers from Ethiopia to the Arctic Circle on a hunt for the many ways that our animal ancestors shaped our anatomical destiny. Come face-to-face with your "inner fish" in this completely new take on the human body: You'll never look at yourself in quite the same way again!

Your Inner Reptile

Your Inner Monkey

Darwin's Brave New World

When 21-year-old Charles Darwin embarks on a five-year voyage to the Southern Hemisphere, it transforms him from a dilettante into a revolutionary and groundbreaking scientist.

Evolution and Phylogenetics

The ability to compare DNA sequences from different organisms is refining our perspective on evolution. This session illustrates how molecular techniques are now combined with fossil evidence to explore relationships in organisms from whales to anthrax.




Evidence of Change

This video program highlights many of the different types of evidence supporting the theory of evolution. Captivating footage from the fossil record, as well as anatomical evidence, radioactive dating, embryological and chemical evidence are discussed. An exploration of this evidence serves as the basis for evolutionary patterns. Other terminology includes: fossils, homologous structures, embryology, radioactive dating, and chemical evidence.