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HUM 142: Acting II - Jones

Welcome to the Guide for Acting II with Professor Jones

This guide will help you find monologues for performance. Use the tabs at the side of the page to find a sampling of the plays we have available both on the library shelves and in ebook format.


Plays are mixed in throughout the literature section of the library, but general drama anthologies can be found under call numbers PN6111-PN6120, and Shakespeare plays can be found in PR2759-PR2870. Although the library doesn't have any books entirely devoted to Seami Motokiyo, his work can be found in anthologies such as World Drama v. 1 (PN6111 .C43 W6 1956 V. 1).

The painting Othello and Desdemona by Daniel Maclis

Othello and Desdemona by Daniel Maclis. Photo used under Creative Commons license.