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Community ESOL Library Instruction: Level Two

Library Instruction

Your library instruction will take place in the library classroom and will include a tour of the library.  It will be about 30 minutes long.

What to Expect for Class Instruction

Before coming to class, students should:

  • take a valid ID and a copy of their class schedule to security to get a Student ID card.

During class, students will:

  • be given a tour of the library.
  • be given a tour of the library website in the instruction classroom.
  • browse the Juvenile and Adult Literacy books. 
  • receive barcodes for the back of their Student ID cards if they do not already have them.

By the end of class, students will:

  • understand how to check out books or equipment from the library.
  • be familiar with the different study areas in the library.
  • be familiar with both the Juvenile and the Adult Literacy sections of the library
  • know how to sign in and use the computers.
  • have a Student ID card with a library barcode on the back. 

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