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SCI 204: Microbiology - Laird: Books

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Books about Microbiology

The on-line catalog provides access to the Library's collection of approximately 40,000 books, periodicals and audio-visual titles. Below is a small selection of the library's books about microbiology.

Good search terms to use:

  • microbiology
  • microorganisms
  • antibiotics
  • antibiotic resistance
  • antiseptics
  • disinfectants
  • disinfection


These books can be checked out for 28 days.

These books are for in-library use only.

These books are available to RCC students through Ebrary

Welcome to the free online textbook during COVID-19!  RCC Microbiology students can use the available textbooks online through Vital Source below.  

Vital Source



  1. Create an account with your email (
  2. Search your textbooks' ISBN in the list below in Vital Source.
  3. If you find it, keep them on your shelf so that you can access them online until May 25, 2020. 


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