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Art at RCC: Reggie Lewis Center

Reggie Lewis Center

RCC Library

1234 Columbus Avenue
Building 3, Room 211A
Boston, MA 02120
Phone: 857-701-1380

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  1st Floor Entrance



Track Event Frieze, 1996, by Rufus Butler Seder. Optical glass-tiled mural, 3’ x 73’.  Images of various track and field events appear to move as the viewer moves in front of them. A LIFETILES mural appears to move as the viewer walks in front of it.  In this installation, the large picture of a young Reggie Lewis is surrounded by a changing collage of other Boston Celtics players, family members and friends as the viewer moves from left to right. Artist’s website:


  1st Floor Back


Reggie Lewis Photo Collage, 1996, by Rufus Butler Seder.  Optical glass-tiled mural, 11’x14’.  This is one of Seder’s dozens of LIFETILES murals installed in museums, zoos and other public places around the world.  [See list.]


Note: The artists retain copyright of all images. No image may be reproduced without the express permission of the artist.


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