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ENG 102: English Composition 102 - Onuoha: ENG 102 Post-Instruction Questions

Question One

True or False: You need an RCC barcode to check out books from the Library
True: 91 votes (91.92%)
False: 8 votes (8.08%)
Total Votes: 99

Question Four

What is an abstract?
A short descriptive summary: 74 votes (79.57%)
A quote from the full text of an article: 5 votes (5.38%)
Identifying information about an article: 12 votes (12.9%)
The first paragraph of an article: 2 votes (2.15%)
Total Votes: 93

Question Two

If you want to see the most recent book on a topic, how should you sort the search results that come up in the online catalog?
Relevance: 13 votes (13.83%)
Author: 10 votes (10.64%)
Publication Date: 69 votes (73.4%)
Most Popular: 2 votes (2.13%)
Total Votes: 94

Question Five

The citation for an article will include which information?
Title: 2 votes (2.13%)
Author: 2 votes (2.13%)
Publication Date: 0 votes (0%)
All of the Above: 90 votes (95.74%)
Total Votes: 94

Question Three

A good way to narrow results from a database is to:
Limit to full text: 4 votes (4.3%)
Add more search terms: 11 votes (11.83%)
Narrow down the date of the results: 6 votes (6.45%)
All of the above: 72 votes (77.42%)
Total Votes: 93

Question Six

True or False: You can email articles to yourself from most RCC databases
True: 97 votes (100%)
False: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 97

Question Seven

If you think the book pictured below is useful for your research, what is a way to find other books similar to it?
Click on one of the subjects listed in blue: 10 votes (12.82%)
Click on the author's name: 6 votes (7.69%)
Browse the area of the bookshelf where this book can be found: 0 votes (0%)
All of the above: 62 votes (79.49%)
Total Votes: 78