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ENG 110: Intro to Speech - Black

Resources for Persuasive Speeches

The Opposing Viewpoints in Context database is made up of sections devoted to various issues in modern society. Within each section, you'll find many different kinds of resources that deal with all sides of the issue.

The links below will each bring you to a page that provides lists of sources that address a specific issue. You can use the "search within results" box to search for something more specific about the topic highlighted. For example, on the Global Warming and Climate Change page, you might try searching "legislation" if you want to investigate the kinds of laws being passed to deal with climate change. Click on the title of a resource to access it. Once you've done so, you can use the "cite" button at the top of the page to generate an automatic citation for that resource to add to your works cited page.

Here's a sampling of the issues you can research in Opposing Viewpoints in Context that may be relevant to your speech.

How can we prevent the drastic effects of climate change?

Should states be allowed to enact restrictive voting laws?

Should internet companies be regulated by the government?

Articles recommended by Prof. Black:

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